Daily Fantasy for Everyone

Daily Fantasy Meets Poker

30 seconds instead of 30 minutes. You already know how to play. It's easy. You can actually win.

Now this sounds like fun. Fantasy River incorporates the thrill, excitement, and anticipation of playing poker into Daily Fantasy.

Setting your daily fantasy lineup is as simple as playing a 5-card draw poker hand. You get 5 cards, you use knowledge and skill to decide which players to keep and discard, and draw.  If you like your hand, play it.  If you don’t, you get two more chances.  

You just drew a pair of Patrick Mahomes?  Woot woot!  Bonus points! Three Derrick Henry’s?  Even more bonus points!  

Want to enter a Daily Fantasy tournament that has only the teams your crew wants?  Done.

Yep, this is easy.  This is fun.  This is Daily Fantasy for Everyone.  This is Fantasy River.

About Fantasy River

Over 60 million people in the U.S. and Canada play fantasy sports. Only 2 million play Daily Fantasy.

If you’re one of those 58 million that don’t play Daily Fantasy, we understand.  It’s intimidating, time-consuming and stressful.

And the truth is, unless you enjoy spending hours upon hours doing research and analytics, you don’t stand much chance of winning.

Honestly, it’s just not much fun.  Like many, you might have tried Daily Fantasy, experienced all this, and decided it’s not for you.  

Wouldn’t it be great if Daily Fantasy was fun? And easy?  And rewarding?  Welcome to Fantasy River!

Fantasy River vs. Other Daily Fantasy

What People Are Saying

A pilot version of Fantasy River was launched for testing and feedback during the last couple weeks of the 2021-2022 NFL season, and here’s a sampling of the feedback we received.

"It was fun, easy and didn’t require a huge time lift to play."
Tim C.
"Great App, loved playing!"
Jesse T.
"Great format! Loved playing and look forward to playing more!"
John H.
"I love the idea of straights and flushes!"
Eric P.
"It was so refreshing to have a new fantasy format to try. I play 10 leagues a year and to have a breath of fresh air was awesome!"
Savannah M.

We asked MVP users to take an anonymous survey after they played, and the results underscored just how fun, easy, and engaging Fantasy River is.

  • 100% enjoyed playing
  • 91%  found the rules easy to understand  
  • 96%  liked poker-based bonus points
  • 87%  would prefer even more poker-based gameplay attributes 
  • 83%  would play DFS poker-infused format in season long leagues as well 

What does all this mean? It means that we know you want to play Daily Fantasy, we understand why you don’t, and we fixed it. It means that we made it easy, fun and exciting. It means we got it right. Fantasy River is truly Daily Fantasy for Everyone.

A DFS Story...

Join the Fantasy River Party!

We’re getting Fantasy River ready for everyone, so come join the party! If you want to be among the first to know when Fantasy River is ready to play (and get the amazing promos that come with that), or if you’re interested in investing in Fantasy River, give us a call at 240-446-3496.